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Joint Task Force-Logistics team helps in Alaska National Guard response to COVID-19
April 28, 2020

Proactive Posture and Partnership The formation of Joint Task Force-Alaska and its preparation to help tackle COVID-19
April 17, 2020

On Call and Always Ready: The Alaska Naval Militia
April 14, 2020

The 49th State’s defense force: key ally for AKNG in fight against COVID-19
April 13, 2020

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Alaska Army National Guard’s 1-297th Infantry returns from Kosovo deployment
April 6, 2020

Alaska National Guard Biathlon Team shines during 2020 season
April 6, 2020

Alaska Army Guard helps rescue Iditarod mushers after hitting seawater overflow
March 20, 2020

Army Guardsman’s first Alaska exercise brings him to the top of the world in support of Arctic Eagle 2020
March 12, 2020

Alaska National Guard’s exercise Arctic Eagle 2020 wraps up
March 12, 2020

Innovators in cold-weather technology integrate with participants at Arctic Eagle 2020
March 5, 2020