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Technician Jobs

The Alaska National Guard is a dual-status agency with both a federal and state mission, and therefore offers a variety of full-time employment opportunities with the state government and the federal government. Positions are available for both current military members as well as for civilians depending on the position type.
Civilian Position Vacancies with the Alaska National Guard

National Guard technician positions, or Title 32 dual status technician positions, are available for Guardsmen only. To see Title 32 positions available within the Alaska National Guard, please visit USAJOBS.

Civilian technician jobs, or Title 5 full-time positions, are also available for personnel who may or may not have military affiliation. To see Title 5 job opportunities with the Alaska National Guard, please visit USAJOBS.
Active Guard & Reserve (AGR)

There are a variety of Active Guard & Reserve (AGR) full-time position vacancies within the Alaska National Guard for current members of the military. Current military personnel who are selected for these positions must become members of the Alaska National Guard if they are not already. For all Alaska Guard Reserve (AGR) jobs with the Alaska National Guard, please visit the DMVA Website.