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Alaska National Guard rescues three individuals during two overlapping missions
July 8, 2020

Military-wide Blended Retirement System offers attractive “Continuation Pay” bonus: Alaska Army National Guard brings awareness to overlooked incentive
July 1, 2020

Alaska Air Guard Security Forces return from Afghanistan deployment
June 23, 2020

Alaska National Guard airlifts “Into the Wild” bus from Stampede Trail
June 18, 2020

297TH Regional Support Group prepares to be the first National Guard unit to take over base operations in Poland
May 28, 2020

Refilling the life supply: Alaska National Guard and Blood Bank of Alaska hold blood drive at AKNG armory
May 27, 2020

Latest Press Release
May 22, 2020

Staff Sgt. Bethany Hendren completes 100 mile BOSS challenge while preparing for deployment
May 21, 2020

Wings and Blades of Hope
May 18, 2020

Frag Out! Alaska Air Guard PJs throw grenades with Geronimo Soldiers
April 30, 2020