NEWS | Feb. 25, 2021

Trust is everything

By Tech. Sgt. William A. Keele 168th Wing

Military training for Guard members takes on many shapes, but some might not suspect it entailing a course on trust.

Ten participants from the 168th Wing, Alaska Air National Guard, including enlisted, officers and a wing staff civilian, attended a four-hour Strong Bonds course Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021, at the Eielson Air Force Base chapel.

The “Strong Bond: The Speed of Trust” course provided tools to build trust through the language you use, your actions, and develop skills building to foster trust with colleagues, family and friends.

The 168th Intelligence Flight made up a large portion of the participants in the course, using this as an opportunity to help strengthen communication and office dynamics. Intelligence Flight superintendent, Senior Master Sgt. Chris Adams said he "wanted to help focus how we interact with one another."

Adams' favorite parts were "getting to pick out our strengths and weaknesses, so we could see where they see themselves and where I see myself."

Intel Analyst, Staff Sgt. Joe Newbern said, "the best thing he could take back to his work section was open communication — that's really what it comes down to is a lot of trust is dependent on the communication."

Courses like these are offered periodically by the wing's chaplain office, including how to strengthen relationships both at home and in your work sections. Reach out to the 168th Wing chaplain office for future courses.