NEWS | July 22, 2020

1st Battalion 9th Field Artillery Regiment Certification tables while in Poland

By Sgt. Heidi Kroll 297th Regional Support Group

United States Army Soldiers with 1st Battalion, 9th Field Artillery Regiment launched into artillery table certification at Torun Poland July 21, 2020. The unit then moved to Torun after having completed two major exercises which included Atlantic Resolve and Defender 20 at Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area (DPTA) Poland.

Atlantic Resolve started in 2014. Since then rotational forces have been training in Europe. There are up to 6,000 Soldiers participating in this exercise across 17 countries. This is a multinational training event used to strengthen bonds between Poland, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States.

“During Defender 20 we took part in a wet gap crossing exercise, providing security for American and Polish forces with our Paladins. As the Soldiers created and crossed the bridge, it was my favorite part of the training, we were going in and out of hides shooting at simulated enemy forces” said Private 1st Class Noah Brown.

Defender 20 was an exercise created to build strategic readiness in support of NATO deterrence initiatives as well as to test the ability to coordinate movement of Army resources into Europe while working with our Nato allies and partners.

“We have been doing exercise after exercise with 24 hour operations, we just came back in after five days in the field, we work long hours, we work as a team during these long hours to accomplish the mission,” said Sergeant Carlos Saquich.

“Shoot, move and communicate” is key to all Army training. The field artillery units have forward observers find their targets, communicate the coordinates to higher for the Paladins and supporting elements in order to move into the right locations to be able to place rounds on the correct target for certification.

“Shooting the Paladin is really exciting, the first time you get to fire, watching the breach recoil back is pretty amazing. This team that I work with is something special, just being able to do this job!!,” said Saquich.

Field artillery units are meant to suppress, neutralize, or destroy using missile fire, rocket, and cannon, integrating fire support with combined arms operations. Artillery systems deliver indirect fire on targets that may not be within line of sight. The projectiles do not follow line of sight to the impact area.

“I am grateful to be here, and to do what I love with the Army, working with Polish forces, has been the time of my life,” said Private 1st Class Noah Brown. “I have had so many new experiences on this rotation.” The unit will be moving their assets to Germany to participate in Combined Resolve 2020 along with approximately 17 other countries in August after completing training in Torun.