Transition Assistance Advisor

The Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA) is the statewide point of contact to assist Servicemembers in accessing Veterans Affairs benefits and healthcare services.

We help you navigate through the vast myriad of benefits and entitlements in the DoD and VA system. We take the time to assist you and not toss you into the “800 number desert!” We will educate you so you will understand the benefits you have earned, such as:
  • Guard entitlements and access for healthcare in both the DoD and VA medical facilities
  • TRICARE benefits while you are on active duty and when you return as an OIF/OEF Veteran
  • Important deadlines that require your action while still on active duty and as a Veteran so you do not miss these time-sensitive opportunities
  • VA dental care programs (time-sensitive benefits)
  • Referral for counseling services for you and your family that will not affect your career
  • Referral for possible compensation for injuries or illness sustained in OEF and OIF
  • Insurance information such as SGLI, TSGLI, FSGLI
  • Rehabilitative care management needed to help you return to a normal lifestyle; CBWTU transition
  • Assistance with job search and connection with ESGR for rights of employment
  • Assistance in connecting you to the Veterans Benefits Administration and Veterans Services Organizations to file disability/compensation claims
  • Assistance in the event of financial hardship, healthcare issues, or unemployment needs
  • Assistance with locating your medical records, DD 214s and other needed documents

  • Transition Assistance Advisor services are free and confidential
  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Hours of operation are 0800-1600 Mon-Fri and special hours for drill weekends.
Transition Assistance Advisor
Office: 907-428-6208
Cell: 907-854-2151