Resilience, Risk Reduction and Suicide Prevention (R3SP)

The Resilience and Risk Reduction Team consists of resources for suicide prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and is the primary resource for providing Resiliency or life-coping skills training for Soldiers. The R3SP team assists Soldiers in identifying their strengths and then to use those strengths to combat everyday life stressors. If you would like to contact the R3SP program to provide assistance or training to Soldiers and Family, leaders, or to your unit, please contact Monique Andrews at 907-428-6227.
Suicide Prevention Program Manager
The suicide prevention program manager assists Commanders in planning, coordinating, and conducting Suicide Prevention/Intervention (SP/SI) Training for units and Soldiers/family members. In the event of a suicide, the suicide prevention program manager directs the command/IO with the investigative process to ensure all timelines and information is input in a timely manner using the Critical Incident Management System (CIMS).
Drug Testing Coordinator
The drug testing program is a Commander's program. It enables Commanders to assess the security, military fitness, good order, and discipline of their units by randomly testing 10% of their Soldiers each month. Random testing is used not only as a deterrent, but for early detection of drug abuse (including illegal drugs and the misuse of prescribed medication). Ensuring units are drug free is an important part of Readiness throughout the Alaska Army National Guard. 
AKARNG Substance Abuse Program
The AKARNG Substance Abuse Program provides education and training to Soldiers and Command. The program assists in early identification of high risk behaviors in order to improve overall risk reduction and deterrence. The AKARNG SAP program assists Soldiers in finding approved treatment facilities in their local area. The program also assists Commanders in tracking the progress of Soldiers enrolled in the ASAP program. In addition, the AKARNG SAP program provides educational and motivational programs which focus on the adverse effects and consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse.
AKARNG Resiliency Program
The AKARNG Resiliency Program focuses on teaching Soldiers and family-members skills that build resiliency. Resiliency in the military is defined as the ability to cope with adversity in a healthy manner, adapt to change, overcome setbacks, and use them as a means to learn and grow from experience. Our program builds these characteristics with a unique set of twelve skills and exercises that individuals are taught to recognize and use in a variety of situations. Regular use of these skills encourages mental, physical, and emotional toughness that leads to better performance both personally and professionally.

Resilience and Risk Reduction Program Coordinator
Monique Andrews, MS, CDCII
AKARNG Suicide Prevention Program Manager
Shawn Rall
AKARNG Drug Testing Coordinator (DTC)
SFC Jeremy Dellabalma
Office: 907-428-6377
Cell: 907-232-1996
AKARNG Alcohol and Drug Control Officer (ADCO)
Larry Ryan
State Resiliency Coordinator
SGT Jennifer R.Bullard
Office: 907-428-6578
Cell: 907-250-7471