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 Brief History of the Alaska National Guard

​The Alaska National Guard began before statehood with the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG). The ATG was formed in 1942 in direct response to the invasion of several Aleutian Islands by Japan. The ATG was made up of diverse indigenous peoples and the immigrant population of the territory of Alaska. Their mission was to protect the coast line of Alaska and the American terminus of the Lend Lease air route to Russia on which war planes were flown from Montana to Whitehorse Canada, from Whitehorse to Ladd Field (Fort Wainwright) and from Ladd Field to Nome and then on to Russia to be used to fight the Third Reich. 

From this was born the "Eskimo Scouts" which was the start of the Alaska Army National Guard. Currently the Alaska National Guard has both Air National Guard units and Army National Guard units. The National Guard units are spread out over the entire state of Alaska.

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 Army Enterprise Email

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